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Ignition Wires
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.



bulletLow internal resistance
bulletDual current paths - Spiral-wound steel primary path,
carbon impregnated fiberglass secondary path
bulletMore spark energy to plugs
bulletSuperior electrical shielding and heat resistance
bulletStock-Look 7mm wires fit OEM looms
bullet8mm MagX2 wires come in black, blue, or red
bulletLifetime warranty


Custom 7mm Wire Sets for older cars click here.

8mm HEI Wire Sets click here.

Ignition Wires

There are many brands of replacement spark plug wires out there of varying quality, size, and appearance. The best have spiral wound metal conductors in their cores instead of just a single strand of graphite impregnated fiberglass. High performance wires are typically 8mm or larger in diameter and come in colors that can burn out your retinas. They neither look stock nor do they fit into OEM looms.

PerTronix offers the Flame-Thrower 7mm "Stock-Look" wire sets for those who want high quality, high performance wires without the engine looking like a carnival. They are black, have no lettering, fit in OEM looms, and come as custom sets cut to length. They have low resistance to get more spark energy to the plugs, excellent shielding to help prevent cross fire, and a pure silicone outer jacket to resist heat. With all this and a lifetime warranty, what more could you ask?

Some of us drive cars that aren’t stock. Looking under the hood of a street rod should burn out your retinas. For rods and modifieds we offer the Flame-Thrower 8mm MagX2 wires. These are great performance wires that can handle high energy systems and high heat environments . MagX2 wires come as universal sets which allow you to cut each wire to length for your particular application. Both male and female crimp-on terminals are included so these sets can be used with either HEI or points-type distributor caps.   They come in black, blue, or red, with white "PerTronix 8.0 Flame-Thrower MagX2" lettering. There’s a lifetime warranty on these, too.


Part Numbers

To find 7mm "Stock Look" Custom Wire set numbers for a particular make and model, click here.

7mm "Stock-Look" Universal Wire Sets
(Universal wire sets require cutting the wires to length and crimping on the terminals.)

# of cylinders Color Boot Angle (distributor/plug) Part Number Price   
4 Black 90/90  704190 $44.19

4 Black 90/straight 704180 $44.19

6 Black straight/90  706190 $51.48

6 Black straight/straight 706180 $51.48

8 Black 90/90 708190 $55.52

8 Black 90/straight 708180 $55.52

8mm MagX2 Universal Wire Sets
(Universal wire sets require cutting the wires to length and crimping on the terminals.)

# of cylinders Color Boot angle (distributor/plug) Part Number Price  
4 Black 90/straight 804280 $42.40

4 Blue 90/straight 804380 $42.40

4 Red 90/straight 804480 $42.40

4 VW only Black 90/straight 8042VW $43.75

4 VW only Blue 90/straight 8043VW $43.75

4VW only Red 90/straight 8044VW $43.75

8 Black 90/45 808215 $61.09

8 Black 90straight 808280 $61.09

8 Black 90/90 808290 $61.09

8 Blue 90/45 808315 $61.09

8 Blue 90/straight 808380 $61.09

8 Blue 90/90 808390 $61.09

8 Red 90/45 808415 $61.09

8 Red 90/straight 808480 $61.09

8 Red 90/90 808490 $61.09


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