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Open Box Specials
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

Open Box Specials

     Customers occasionally order the wrong parts.  The box is opened, sometimes with greasy fingers,  the contents and instructions are examined, then the mistake is realized.  The items are retuned to us and the correct parts are sent.  So, we have some Ignitors here that look like a part you often get from the auto parts store that has obviously been opened but is sold to you as new.  It really is unused, it just may not look it.

     Here at Retro Rockets, what was somebody's mistake might turn into your bargain.  The Ignitors listed below are returns.  The box might be crumpled a bit, there might be some greasy finger prints, but the contents have been inspected to be sure they are complete and all Ignitors have been tested and shown to be working perfectly.  You get the full 30 month warranty.  Best of all you get a discount off our already low prices.

     When ordering one of these, just write "Open Box" in front of the part number on the order form.  These items are for sale in the USA only and shipping is still free.

Suppression-type spark plug wires required.  Do not use solid core wires.

Part Number  Open Box 
Special Price
1145A $71.10
1181 $69.00
1382 (2) $72.90
91847A $94.00
1849 $72.90
1868 $72.90
2841 $72.90
AC-182A $91.40
LU-164 (2) $72.90

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