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International Orders
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

Ordering Instructions

1.  Determine the part number and price of the Ignitor.  Contact us if you are not sure about the proper part number.  Click on one of the categories below for part numbers and prices.

Car and Truck Applications                       Marine Applications
Agricultural Applications          Flame-Thrower Coils            Wire Sets          
HEI Items
       Distributors        Rev Limiter       Second Strike
Contact us for Industrial Applications.

2.  Enter the " Part Number(s)" in the box below.
                 Example:  1281, 40011, 708105.

     If you would like more than one of a particular item, put the quantity followed by "of"
     in front of the part number .  
                    Example:  2 of 1847V.

3.  Enter the total cost of items ordered in the "Amount" box.

4.  Enter shipping and handling charges as shown below:

Shipping Charges for South America, Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand

Item(s) Shipping Charge (US $)
Ignitor $14.00*        $25.00**    See below
2 Ignitors $22.50*        $32.00**     See below
Coil $23.00*
2 Coils $51.00*
Ignitor + Coil $35.00*
Ignitor + Coil + Wire Set $62.00*
Other PerTronix Items Contact Retro Rockets

*Shipping options for a single Ignitor (this is the actual cost of shipping, no added handling charge) :  
     *First Class Air Mail - no tracking or insurance, a postal receipt is available to guaranty that the item was shipped.
** Air Priority Mail - insured with tracking.

5.  Click on the PayPal icon at the bottom to send the order and to enter your credit card info.  You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this free, secure service.


 Part Number(s):

Amount: $

Shipping and Handling: $

Import Duties - the purchaser is responsible for any Import Duties that may be levied by Customs.

Shipping will be done via Air Priority Mail which takes 6-10 days for items in stock.  The item must then clear customs before being delivered to you.  For items not in stock, allow an additional 10-14 days. 


Contact Information

Postal address:
Retro Rockets, P.O. Box 200, Norfolk, CT 06058
Electronic mail: