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PerTronix Ignitor
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

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bulletNever change points again
bulletEasy installation
bulletStock appearance
bulletIncreased horsepower
bulletImproved fuel economy
bulletFits entirely inside the distributor cap
bulletIncreased voltage to spark plugs
bulletIncreased spark plug life
bullet30 month warranty
bulletCompatible with MSD and Jacobs systems
bulletSuppression-type spark plug wires required.  Do not use solid core wires.


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Ignition Systems

Points-type ignition systems were one of the weak links in the engines of yesteryear. When newly installed, points worked reasonably well at normal RPM levels. But even new ones were subject to points bounce once the revs got up to where the engine really started to make some horsepower. Then the engine would misfire and power would drop off. Points also had the nasty habit of deteriorating rather quickly. Cam follower lobes wore and contacts developed deposits. Dwell would change along with ignition timing. The inevitable results were poor performance and reduced gas mileage.

Detroit solved the problem with the electronic HEI systems. They are readily identifiable under the hood by their oversized distributor caps. You can put an HEI into your vintage engine, but it doesn’t look stock and there are often interference problems with the bigger cap. Not only that, a new HEI distributor can be expensive.

The PerTronix Ignitor is the solution to the points problem and it keeps your engine looking stock.  It has a Hall Effect  trigger, so there are no moving parts.  It is impervious to dirt, oil, and moisture.  The Ignitor fits within your existing distributor cap, right where the points and condenser used to be.  There is no external box to hang on the firewall.  Everything is self-contained within the cap.  The only evidence that you are running an Ignitor is a small wire to the positive side of the coil which can be routed most unobtrusively. You’ll never have to change points again, dwell will stay rock solid, and there will be no deterioration of performance with time. You’ll get improved performance, better mileage, greatly extended spark plug life, and you can rev it as high as you like. And, you can have all this for a fraction of the cost of a new HEI.


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