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HEI Caps, Rotors,etc.
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

HEI Cap & Rotor

    Caps and rotors are made from high
performance 60 KV rated alkyd molding
compound to prevent "arc-thru" and
crossfire.  Available in black, blue , and red.


  Part Number Price
  Black Red Blue  
HEI Cap and Rotor D4000 D4001 D4002 $36.55
HEI Cap only D4050 D4051 D4052 $31.45
HEI Rotor only   D4061 D4062 $14.60

Free Delivery in the USA


Adjustable Vacuum Advance Kit

AdjVacAdv.jpg (39095 bytes)     This kit enables you to optimize ignition vacuum advance for maximum part-throttle performance and economy.  This kit fits PerTronix HEI and GM HEI distributors only and cannot be used in points-type distributors.

          Part No.  D9006             Price  $23.20

Free Delivery in the USA.


Mechanical Advance Curve Kit

     Precision machined chromoly weights and center 
plate eliminate erratic timing.  Three sets of springs
and complete instructions enable you to recurve the
mechanical advance for max performance.

Part No. D9001       Price  $15.55

Free Delivery in the USA.                                            


Wiring Harness and Capacitor

     Premium wire harness and capacitor ensure good connections and static-free operation.

Part No. D9007       Price  $23.20


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