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HEI Upgrade
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

HEI Tuneup Kit.jpg (221458 bytes)Complete HEI Upgrade Kits

Flame-Thrower Complete Upgrade Kits provide you with all the internal components to give your HEI the same  high performance specs as the PerTronix HEI (click here for specs).  Kits include: performance module and coil set; premium rotor and cap in red, blue or black; Flame-Thrower coil dust cover; adjustable vacuum advance canister; centrifugal advance kit with three sets of advance springs; wire harness and capacitor; complete installation hardware and instructions.

NOTE:  The PerTronix HEI Upgrade Kits can be used in factory HEI units with 4 pin modules only.  They cannot be used in fuel injected engines that originally came with 7 pin modules.

Flame-Thrower Complete HEI Upgrade Kits


Part No. Price
Chevrolet, Cadillac V8 - black cap  (see note 1) D8000 $144.30
Chevrolet, Cadillac V8 - red cap   (see note 1) D8001 $144.30
Chevrolet, Cadillac V8 - blue cap  (see note 1) D8002 $144.30
'81-'91 Buick/Olds/Pont/Corvette - black cap (see note 2) D8010 $150.00
'81-'91 Buick/Olds/Pont/Corvette - red cap (see note 2) D8011 $150.00
'81-'91 Buick/Olds/Pont/Corvette - blue cap (see note 2) D8012 $150.00
Race Conversion Kit, HEI dist., black cap, cw rot. D8070 $151.65
Race Conversion Kit, HEI dist., red cap, cw rot. D8071 $151.65

                   Note 1 - for distributors with coils having red and yellow wire leads.
                    Note 2 - for distributors with coils having red and white wire leads

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