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GM Installations
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.


GM Ignitor and Ignitor II Installations 
(Delco Distributors)


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     The major components of the PerTronix Ignitor are the pickup module (left) and the magnet ring (right).  Also included are all the shims, washers, and nuts required for the installation.



     It is easier to install the Ignitor when the distributor is out of the car.  Note the position of the rotor as the distributor is removed so that it can be reinstalled with the same orientation.


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The rotor, points and condenser are removed.







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    In most GM engines (Oldsmobile is the exception, see * below) the distributor shaft tends to be pushed upward by the drive gear on the cam.  Excessive shaft endplay, if present, is removed by shimming between the drive gear and the distributor housing.  Shims are provided with the Ignitor.




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    The module and magnet ring are installed.  Module wires are run out through the same hole in the housing as the old points wire using the original grommet.  Care is taken to provide a loop in the   wires to allow for motion of the vacuum advance mechanism.


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     The required air gap is set between the module and the magnet ring using shims between the ring and the centrifugal advance mechanism plate.


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     The rotor is replaced and the distributor is reinstalled in the engine.  The red wire from the module is connected to the positive side of the coil.  The black wire is connected to the negative side of the coil.

     The engine is started and the timing set with a timing light.

     Installation is complete.



*Oldsmobile Installations

     On Olds V8s, the distributor shaft is pulled downward by the cam drive gear against a machined thrust surface inside the block.  A certain amount of endplay is required for this design to work properly, therefore no shimming of the distributor shaft should be done on these applications.  The required gap between the module and magnet ring is set with the distributor installed in the engine. 

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