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Ford HEI Distributors
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

     PerTronix now offers HEI distributors for Ford small block 221, 260, 289, and 302 cu.in. engines (not available for the 351 cu. in.).  These complete distributors use the same proven high performance components as in the PerTronix GM HEIs.  They are available in a street/strip version and a race-only version.

Note:  The Ford HEI distributors are larger in diameter than points distributors.  You must have about 1.5" clearance around your points distributor to avoid an interference.

Suppression-type spark plug wires required.  Do not use solid core wires.

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Street/Strip Ford HEI Distributor
for 221, 260, 289, and 302 engines

Part Number


D1350 Street/Strip HEI, black cap $276.02
D1352 Street/Strip HEI, blue cap $276.02
D1370 Ford HEI, race only, black cap $338.13
D1372 Ford HEI, race only, blue cap $338.13


Performance compared to a stock GM HEI


7500 + RPM capability, about 2500 RPM higher than a stock GM HEI.


Produces 67% more energy in the coil.


Spark breakdown time*  is 45% faster resulting in more accurate
timing throughout the RPM range.
*The amount of time until the spark plug has enough voltage to spark.


Delivers twice the energy across the spark gap during a one
millisecond burn time.


Increased spark duration and energy allow wider plug gaps
(.050" - .055") increasing flame kernel growth.


Comes with two extra sets of centrifugal advance springs to
allow you to customize your advance curve.


Adjustable Vacuum Advance lets you optimize part-throttle


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