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Ford Installations
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.

Ford Installation Instructions

1.  Remove the distributor cap and rotor. 

2.  Disconnect the points wire on the negative (-) side of the coil.

3.  Remove the points, condenser , and grommet.

4.  Clean any oil or dirt from the breaker plate and cam.

5.  Insert the Ignitor black and red wires through the distributor housing using the grommet to protect the wires.  Make sure the grommet is seated properly.

6.  Install the Ignitor module using the provided hardware in the same manner as a set of points.  No modifications to any of the hardware are needed.

7.  If the distributor ground wire was removed during the installation process, be sure it is re-attached securely.

8.  Place the magnet sleeve down onto the distributor shaft.   Rotate the sleeve until you feel the cam line up properly.  Push down firmly until seated.

9.  Set the air gap between the module and the magnet sleeve using the provided plastic feeler gauge (0.030" thick).  This is done in the same manner as points.  Note:  In some kits the modules are stationary and do not require air gapping.

10.  Replace rotor and distributor cap.

11.  Connect the red wire from the Ignitor module to the positive (+) side of the coil and the black wire to the  negative (-) side of the coil.

12.  The engine can now be started.  Let the engine run a few minutes then set the timing in the conventional manner.

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