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Special Combo Rebate

Order Combo Rebate
Standard Ignitor & Coil $10
Ignitor II & Coil II $15
Standard Ignitor & Coil & Wire Set $15
Ignitor II & Coil II & Wire Set $20
The rebate will be credited to your PayPal account, 
or a rebate check will be sent with mail-in orders, when your order is processed.

PerTronix Ignitor and Ignitor II

Recommended Usage
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Type Usage
 Standard Ignitor

Normal driving  w/stock or mildly modified engines.  Good performance potential - customer cars run the 1/4 mile in the 11s with Standard Ignitors.

Ignitor II High performance street and racing.
Suppression-type spark plug wires required.  Do not use solid core wires.
Year Cyl


Ignitor Ignitor II

PartNo.          Price

PartNo.          Price

'69-'71' 6  All 4.2L w/Lucas 22D6 distributor, 12 V neg. grnd.
LU-166A        $82.67
9LU-166A   $115.79
LU-166AP12   $91.68
60-'64 8 SP250 w/Lucas 20D8 distributor, 12V neg. grnd.

RR-181          $233.89

9RR-181     $266.99

RR-181P12   $242.94
Coil Application and Price Chart
Application Part Number  Price


 6 cylinder with Ignitor
40501  $44.28
40511  $39.95
40611  $48.36
8 cylinder with Ignitor

40001  $44.28

40011  $39.95

40111  $48.36

All 6 & 8 cylinder with Ignitor II
45001  $47.95

45011  $43.55

45111   $52.81
There are no custom wire sets available for Daimler vehicles.

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