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Flame-Thrower Coils
Retro Rockets is an authorized PerTronix dealer.



40,000 V* rating


Use with standard Ignitor or as a stock replacement


Increased spark energy available


Fits existing brackets


Internally resisted, 1.5 ohms or 3.0 ohms


     If you’re looking for a new coil to go with your Ignitor or a replacement for your existing ignition system, consider one of the  Flame-Thrower high performance coils.  They provide substantially higher output potential than an OEM unit.  They come oil-filled black, oil-filled chrome  plated, or black epoxy.  The epoxy coils are recommended for high vibration environments such as racing, off-road driving, or marine application.

*Click here for an explanation of coil voltage ratings.

Coil Application Chart and Prices


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