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Various Small Italian Singles
     We have made a number of different small Italian singles, from C/E-c’’’ 1 x 8’ to GG/BB-d’’’ 2 x 8’.  All are of the Italian “inner” style with varnished cases.  These harpsichords are light weight, compact, and easily transported.  They are ideal continuo instruments for both voice and small ensembles.  Their sound is crisp and clean, not overly brassy, making them well suited for solo literature. 
Prices range from $7,000 to $12,000.  
Large Italian Single

     Built in the "false inner/outer" style, this instrument has a robust sound that is well suited for Scarlatti sonatas.  It has a painted case decorated with either garlands or scrollwork, keyboard of boxwood with ebony sharps, scrolled keywell endblocks, and a parchment rose.  GG - e''' chromatic, transposable A415/A440, 2 x 8'.  Length  91 1/2", width  33 1/2".   $22,000


Flemish Single

     We started with the drawings of the 1640 Andreas Ruckers and performed a petit ravalement, extending the range to accommodate later literature while retaining the Flemish character of sound.  The case is painted with a single color exterior and a complimentary interior color.  The keyboard has grenadilla naturals and bone-topped sharps as would be appropriate in a ravalement.  GG,AA - d''', transposable A415/A440, 1 x 4', 1 x 8', or 2 x 8', buff stop.  Length 76", width 32".     $17,500

     Same as above but fully decorated in the Flemish style:  faux marbre panels on case and outer lid, Flemish seahorse papers in the keywell, decorated lid papers with Latin mottoes, and soundboard paintings.  $22,500


South German Single

     This is a brass-strung, 2 x 8' harpsichord with a more conventional parallel register arrangement.  The varnished case is a bit heavier in construction and somewhat shorter in length than a typical Italian.  This gives it a bolder, less brassy sound, with longer sustain.  It is an excellent continuo instrument and also plays a wide variety of harpsichord literature quite nicely.  The keyboard has European sycamore naturals and walnut sharps.   GG/BB - d''', transposable A415/A440, 2 x 8', buff stop.  Length 75", width 31".   $15,500


"Mayer" South German Single

     Styled after the 1619 Mayer, this single has two choirs of brass strings at 8' pitch and three registers: a deep-plucking 8', a middle 8', and a close-plucking 8', with a buff stop on the latter two.  This arrangement produces a fascinating variety of sounds - thirteen in all - with great character and clarity.  Stop knobs are through the cheek as on the original.  The instrument is light weight and  very easy to transport.  The case is varnished and the keyboard has European sycamore naturals and walnut sharps.   GG/BB - d''',transposable A415/A440, 2 x 8' plus nasalzug, buff stop.  Length   75", width 31”.   $16,500

     Same as above except case is painted black and decorated with freehand bronze strapwork.  The soundboard is painted in an early German style and has a cut parchment rose.   $23,000


"Smith/Mayer" South German Single
     Harpsichordist and composer, Robert Edward Smith, commissioned us to design a larger version of the Mayer single.  To Mr. Smith's delight, this turned out to be a very powerful harpsichord, easily able to hold its own in large ensembles.  Its great variety of sounds also made it quite versatile.  This is a long-scaled, iron and brass strung, GG - d''' chromatic instrument, with register stop levers through the nameboard.  It has a distinctive, double-mitered tail, and two parchment roses.  The soundboard is decorated in an early German style.  The case is painted black with freehand bronze strapwork designs.   The keyboard has European sycamore naturals and ebony sharps.  GG - d''' chromatic, transposable A415/A440, 2 x 8' plus Nasalzug, buff stop.  Length 84", width 33 1/2".  $26,000  

     Mariken Palmboom, concert harpsichordist from Holland now living in the USA, commissioned a larger version of the above Smith/Meyer.  It has a range of FF, GG-f''',chromatic, transposable A415/A440, 2 x 8' plus Nasalzug, buff stop.  Length 86", width 35".  $27,500




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