Carl Dudash Harpsichords

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We offer complete repair and restoration services:


                                     Voicing and regulation

                                    Installation of new action

                                    Case and soundboard repair

                                    Case refinishing and decoration


     We have done repair and restoration work on scores of instruments.  Please contact us with your needs.


     Some of our more challenging jobs:

     Repair of a single manual harpsichord which was dropped, not once, but twice, by the stage crew in a concert hall.  The ends of the cheek and spine were broken off, the cheek-to-bentside joint was broken, pinblock was sprung loose, and there were various dings and dents to the case.

     Restoration of a French double which was damaged when its owner went on vacation during the winter, pipes broke in the house, and water ran into it for about two weeks.  It required, among many other things, new keyboards and action.

     Restoration of the action and stringing of an early Italian single.  This instrument showed evidence of passing through the hands of that infamous harpsichord forger, Franciolini.  The soundboard, rose, and parts of the inner case were undoubtedly very old, being dated by other experts as late 16th Century.   When the keyboard was removed it was found to be made up from at least eight separate keyboards.  The outer case construction and some of the outer case decoration appeared to be  Franciolini's handiwork.  It is a curious old instrument.  I will update this site in the future with pictures and a report.



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