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Double Manual

Flemish Double

     We enlarged the Flemish Single to provide a fully chromatic GG - d'''  range, then added a third choir of strings and a second manual.  The case is painted with a single color exterior and a complimentary interior color.  The keyboards have grenadilla naturals and bone-topped sharps.  This is the most easily transported of all the two manual harpsichords.  GG - d''' chromatic, transposable A415/A440, 1 x 4', 2 x 8', buff stop.  Length 85", width 33".   $23,500

     Same as above but fully decorated in the Flemish style:  faux marbre panels on case and outer lid, Flemish seahorse papers in the keywell, decorated lid papers with Latin mottoes, and soundboard paintings.   $29,500

18th C German Double

     This imposing harpsichord has great power, brilliance, and clarity, making it ideally suited for Bach.  It has proven to be an exceptional concert instrument.  American cherry is used for the case, frame-and-panel lid, and the handsome table stand.  The soundboard is decorated in a later German style.  The keyboards have grenadilla naturals and bone-topped sharps.   GG - d''' chromatic,  transposable A415/A440, 1 x 4', 2 x 8', buff stop.   Length 92 1/2", width 34 1/2".     $36,500


Flared-Register German Double

     William Carragan, a quantum physics professor, Bruckner scholar, and harpsichordist (yes, that’s a very interesting combination), asked if we could make a two manual version of our Smith/Mayer flared-register single that went up to e’’’.  I took the general concept of the single, added a 4’ stop, put the back 8’ and 4’on the lower manual, the middle 8’ and Nasalzug on the upper.  This arrangement resulted in even deeper plucking points for the back 8’ than on the Smith/Mayer.  The sound is dark and warm from the bass through the tenor, becoming round and fluty into the treble.  The 4’ stop also has unusually deep plucking points so it has more fundamental frequency than a typical 4’.  The upper manual stops provide an excellent contrast to the lowers.  The Nasalzug has a gentle bite to its sound, not harsh or jangling, so it’s a very useful and appealing stop.   

    The second of these Flared-Register German Doubles went to Wellesley College

GG-e’’’, 1 x 4’, 2 x 8’, plus Nasalzug and buff stop. Lower manual:  back 8’ and 4’.
Upper manual:  middle 8’ and Nasalzug, with shove coupler.  Length  90”   Width  35 ½”

Standard features:  Soundboard paintings, cut parchment rosettes, bronze powder strapwork on case and inside of lid, trestle stand.  $40,000


French Double

     Suave, elegant, and refined, the 18th century French Double Harpsichord is, for some, the high point in the evolution of the harpsichord.   Our instrument is based on the venerable 1769 Pascal Taskin in Edinburgh but set on a Louis XVI stand.  Decoration includes a full lid painting in the French or Flemish style, soundboard paintings gilt case bands and mouldings, and all the appropriate gilding on the Louis XVI stand.  The keyboards have grenadilla naturals and bone-topped sharps.  FF - f''' chromatic, transposable A-415/A-440, 1 x 4', 2 x 8', buff stop.  Length 93", width 37".    $48,000




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