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Fretted and Unfretted Clavichords

     We have made a variety of fretted and unfretted clavichords.  Please contact us for specifications.


Large Fretted Clavichord

Large Fretted Clavichord.jpg (103342 bytes)                                       Clavichord Soundboard.jpg (74012 bytes)
Complete Instrument                                       Soundboard decoration

     We received a commission from Wesleyan University to make this large fretted clavichord scaled for Werckmeister III tuning having soundboard decoration and a custom turned stand.  It is double strung in brass with a range of GG, AA-d'''.  The case and stand are of American Cherry.


The Upright Clavichord

                                                  Upright Clavichord 3.JPG (50590 bytes)

  As shown at BEMFE 1997                                             With full decoration
(click on either picture for full size version)

     We have built, what is in all likelihood, the only upright clavichord in existence.  The idea of having the soundboard of a clavichord right there "in your face" was a fascinating concept to me, so I designed a clavichord to do just that.  This instrument was introduced at the 1997 Boston Early Music Festival and Exhibition and was received with much enthusiasm.

                 "Of the new instruments I could not help being enthusiastic about the new clavichord of Carl
            Dudash! The upright clavichord made a lot of sense. When I sat and played, I was
            smothered in sound......and too, it was made adjustable with those wonderful doors. Unlike
            the upright harpsichords which deafen you after a few minutes this instrument made you feel
            like you were out on Cape Cod surrounded in a bed of roses! I could easily have been
            fooled into thinking it was a copy of some forgotten instrument, but as far as I know it was
            an original concept very well executed! "
                                                                                Matthew James Redsell
                                                                             Continuo Magazine

GG/BB - d''', double strung in brass wire.  Case: American Cherry.  Doors at bottom left and right cover music storage compartments.

     Since its introduction at the 1997 BEMFE, the instrument has received full soundboard paintings, a carved and gilt rose, and hand painted case decorations.  It is now in a private collection.



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