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4 Harpsichord Concert





      On May 30, 2009 we had the honor of having four of our harpsichords played in a concert in the main reading room of the historic Norfolk Library, Norfolk CT. 





Photo by Katherine Griswold

     This picture, taken during a rehearsal, shows how we arranged the instruments with lids removed in the center of the room.  (For more of Katherine Griswold's photos click here.)  The audience was seated around the perimeter so that no person was more than 10 feet or so from a keyboard.  The sound in this room with a barrel-vaulted ceiling was mesmerizing.

Photo by Katherine Griswold

     The performers are (clockwise from upper left) Christine Gevert (Chile), Mariken Palmboom (Netherlands), William Carragan (Troy, NY), and Larry Wallach (Brooklyn, NY).  [Click on the names for individual biographies.]

     The harpsichords are (clockwise from upper left):

        Smith-Mayer German Single -- GG-d''', 2 x 8', w/Nasale and buff stop.

        A new, deep-plucking single inspired by the anonymous instrument in the Bach Haus in Eisenach -- 
        GG, AA-e''', 2 x 8'.

        Mayer South German Single -- brass-strung, GG/BB, C-d''', 2 x 8', w/ Nasale and buff stop.

        Our latest design, German Single -- GG-d''', 2 x 8', w/buff stop, varnished natural wood case (butternut).

     All four harpsichords were used in two pieces on the program, then in pairs for two duets, then individually for four solos.  One of the four-harpsichord pieces played was the famous Vivaldi/Bach Concerto in A minor.  The second piece was another Vivaldi four-violin concerto that was masterfully arranged by William Carragan, one of the performers, for four harpsichords in the style of Bach.  Carragan also arranged a Vivaldi two-violin concerto for one of the duets.  Both of these arrangements had their premiers at this concert.  The performers received a well-deserved standing ovation for their performance. 



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